Friday, 11 January 2019

A Phoenix from the ashes on Upper Parliament street.

For a bit of background see this blog from over 18 months ago.
It has been reborn as 18F/3306 Land on Upper Parliament St between Mulgrave St and Kingsley Rd SchoolL8 by the same developer.
The height of the buildings has been reduced by 1 story and there slight fewer flats. Various paths have been reduced to allow more green space and the street plant is up so maintaining the number of trees. A break in the building provides a path through the development address the concerns of the residents.
The objections raised seem to have been dealt with 1 by 1 making it very difficult to raise new objections but I'm sure this will happen a debate on the subject is already going on here amongst those likely to support the development.
I prefer the old development but will happily support this. I attended the planning meeting and the developers have addressed all the planning concerns, I doubt it will stop those with the more bizarre or unreasonable objections trying to stop.
Hopefully, the rebirth of Upper Parliament street as a proper thoroughfare is underway.

Update. The new application if before the planning committee on the 18th of June 2019. See Land on Upper Parliament St between Mulgrave St and Kingsley Rd SchoolL8 


This was passed on the 18 June.

Renders from the developer's application.