Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Why do these people hate Liverpool

Popped along to the planning committee to see how a development I supported was going to fair, it is a couple of hundred yards from my flat. It is a great candidate for development, all of Liverpool would benefit from the improvement it would make to the approach down Parliament street.
It was rejected.
One of the opponents of the project was sitting in front of me and was at one point nearly ejected herself for her shouts of "rampant gentrification" and "it because we are ruled by white male patriarchy", and they were the quality arguments against. The Councillors of this city have stopped standing up to the ignorant baying mob and have become its vassals.
They complained about how little green space there was in the area, this despite the map behind showing Crown Street park, Falkner square and the corner of Prince's park.
Tony Conception was one who voted against, I said "congratulation another victory for incoherent gibberish" as I passed him on the way to the toilet.

The councillors of this city have a lot to answer for in destroying what is good and at the same time preserving what is not. They are, by and large, craven cowards incapable of putting the city and its population as a whole above the unfounded fears of a bunch of NIMBY Luddites, who now have a new collection of slogans to shout out, regardless of context or meaning. A similar thing happened with a Kirkdale development.

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England also got involved, no explanation from them as to why they have moved from protecting the rural to protecting inner-city brownfield sites.
The barbarians are not just at the gate, they are on the planning committee.
See Skyscraper City for more background.


22/01/2018: After 2 weeks of trying to get an explanation out of the CPRE there has been no significant reply, no explanation for their actions.


11/01/2018: An updated application by the same developer has been put in see here.

It was approved.

The development

Some historic pictures of the area

The Junction Upper Parliament Street, Embledon Street, Toxteth, L.8 - 1955 Slightly further up than the proposed site.

Even in the early 70s, the south side of the street was intact large buildings similar to the ones that exist further down the hill. from A sense of place.
Upper Parliament Street with Bloom Street, where the Hospital is now.

and in Upper Parliament st at Bloom st in 1968
Same corner from Montpellier Terrace 1960s. note the background houses on the right.

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