Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Mind of the Corbynite

I've seen a few comments from hardcore Corbynites of the form "X was ranting about Corbyn on the telly, I asked them who they where voting for, they said Labour. You have to laugh".
It is rather disturbing comment, what do they find funny, is it they they think that behind at he slagging of of Corbyn, X really agrees with him but cannot bear to say it or is it a laugh at X who had the party the voted for stolen from them, yet they still cannot break the habits of a life time and so are playing into the Corbynites hands? Neither is good, there are a few other possible explanation but neither show they Corbynites in a good light.
After this election Corbyn et all, will be claiming that every vote for Labour was a vote for Corbyn, let us not forget these knowing comments from the Corbynites when they make these claims, while standing around in the ashes trying to blame everyone else but themselves.