Saturday, 30 January 2016

WW2 and why my dad fought in it.

In late August 1939 my dad joined the RAF, some time later he found himself in North Africa, then Sicily and finally Italy. He was with fighting along side others from the following countries
 United States
 Free France
Poland Poland
 New Zealand
Union of South Africa South Africa
Brazil Brazil
Greece Kingdom of Greece
 Mandatory Palestine

My dad died before I could ask him why he fought, especially as he joined up before the war had started and wasn't conscripted like so many of the troops. I am surprised how many supporters of UKIP, the EDL etc seem to think they know why my father and so many others fought, and want to claim that they are behaving the way they do in support of his goals and the sacrifices of his friends and comrades.
The one thing I am sure about is what the other side was fighting for and that seem to be more in line with the policies of the EDL and UKIP.
One thing that came out of WW2 was the European convention on human rights, which is presided over by the European Court of Human Rights. The leading UK advocate was a Conservative politician, supported by Churchill. See European Convention on Human Rights what UKIP and the Tory right are fighting against is the explicitly expressed wishes of hose who fought and led in WW2. In there racists and xenophobic speeches the are reproducing the the messages not of the Allies but of the Axis powers, the only thing that exceeds their bigotry is their ignorance and stupidity.