Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Keep your own council on its toes.

Well as you can imagine I must appeal you claims that I'm a vexatious.

Then member of the Council Ron Gould, made the comment "We have been told all about you" back in 2005, so far who we are and what they have been told about me has not been explained.

Joe Anderson made the comment to some he was walking down Dale Street with that I "bullshit everything", he has been asked to explain that but has failed to do so. It also brings into question Anderson's degree of social training as he doesn't seem to be able to moderate his voice in public or he wants people to hear his abusive comments.

In both cases they have not denied, clarified or the source explained. A subject access request provided no information one why these allegations should have been made. I strongly suspect that your staff pass around gossip they hear and perhaps have their own axe to grind with me, this is most unprofessional, but typical of the council

Then we have the troubling matter if Wendy Twigge, and her malicious complaint to the police and some ancillary allegations and comments she made, which was disproved by a recording of the phone call, but her statement was backed up by an equally false statement from Chris Walsh, someone you still employee and who I have stated I will not deal with in any circumstances. Yet here he his still making decisions about my communications with the council.

Then there is the little question of the multi year unofficial mail block, whose existence you organisation seem blissfully unaware of until the Ombudsman got involved, more of Walsh's handy work? no documentation has ever been produced about this.

The right to communicate with my councillors is not your to take away, I will continue to use the methods the council publishes to contact the council and will not give yourself, Walsh or Anderson to remove the emails who content they find exposes their lack of dignity.

Attempting to get explanation from your charges regarding their rude and ill-informed actions, is slightly more difficult than getting blood from a stone, continuing to ask unanswered, unacknowledged and relevant questions cannot be considered vexatious, the council is simply using it as a smoke screen to hide from scrutiny.

Your own role in funding Anderson's Ill informed legal action, using public money, makes you IMHO an accessory to embezzlement, as a member of the public I have an interest in how public money is spent, and as such I am reporting it to the police as a financial crime. For the full data I forward this link to Merseyside Police http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/mayor-joe-anderson-q-89000-10064311