Sunday, 9 August 2015

Battle of the Gob Shites

On Saturday, August 8th, there is a march titled "The White Man March" as you can probably guess, from the title this is being organised by the Racist far right. They are promising 150 people, so rather a small march. I doubt it will happen now after they sent a threatening letter to Joe Anderson, the City Mayor see Neo-Nazi thugs threaten race riots in Liverpool if they're not allowed to march.
If the march does go ahead, then there will undoubtedly be a counter demonstration by the Anti-Fascists League, which is, for the most part the SWP. The SWP isn't that nice an organisation either, they'd quite happily end freedom of speech, and some will argue that is what they'll be trying to do on Saturday.
If I go down it will be to take photographs and document the entire thing, the one thing that is for sure is that there will be a very antagonistic atmosphere and lots of Police. I will probably wear steel toe caps, as there will also be police horses, who, whilst being staunchly non-violent, do weight a tonne.
I don't have any time for the Marchers or the counter-marchers. They remind me of people who play their music very loud and are convinced they are doing everyone a favour, by letting them hear their tunes. Ideally, they'd be placed into either side of a semi-detached, on a housing estate, full of semi-detached with everyone hating their neighbours for playing their shite music and preventing their great music from being heard properly.
Unfortunately, they like to be in a semi, in the middle of a normal housing estate. They each believe that by making more and more noise they will attract more people to support their music.
Like so much of the crap in the world, this is about gangs and the need people have to feel part of a group. "Look, I'm not alone" should be the subtitled on the placards of both sides. Society is full of little groups of people linked by some tenuous connection, who, when they all gather together can convince themselves they are not some minor clique. "Look, I'm at a Corbyn/SNP/LFC/AFL/Religious meeting and everyone agrees with me, which means the whole world agrees with me".
When more than 20 people, or 3 drunks, gather together they suddenly become deluded that they are the representatives of a majority in society and can miraculously solve all the world's problems. You'd think after several millennia of pissed people putting the world to rights, after a mug or two of badly fermented fruit, we as a species would have realised it is bollocks.
The truth, as revealed by Cleveland Brown is simple.

It is a long hard struggle folk and no amount of protests or counter protests will improve tomorrow, if you are seriously in the fight for a better future, it is the lives of your great great great grandchildren who you should be fighting for.

Personally, I think we should cordon off two separate blocks on Wavertree Playing field and put the White Man marchers in one and the UAF in another and sell tickets to people to watch them.