Friday, 30 March 2012

Typical example of Police stupidity.

In February of last year Merseyside Police arrested someone and seized some of his property for the investigation. When the detained person noticed that the manifest did not agree with the objects seized. Several where missing. So he complained about this. The rather corrupt, and likely criminal Inspector Damien Walsh dismisses the complaint, so it was appealed to the IPCC, who agreed with Inspector Walsh and dismissed the complaint.
In the following few months bits of equipment where returned and eventually only one bit was missing, in fact several bits had been returned that where not on the manifest. In an attempt to get the one bit that was missing back he complained and was told that despite the fact that equipment was returned, that wasn't on the manifest this could not be the subject of a complaint about the bad manifest because that complaint had already been investigated.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

All hands to the Trough

Bill in Macho pos
It appears that Councillor Bill Overweightnan hasn't had enough at the trough as head of Merseyside Police authority he is intending to stand for election of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Bill has a somewhat dodge record when it comes to his tenure at MPA first there is the dishonesty in statements to the court. Which could either be the result of stupidity or perjury. Then there is the failure to release documents under the FOI act, which would have shown those statements to be inaccurate and the ICO judgement in that case.
I can only assume that he fancies the extra cash this position will give him, though it will afford him the opportunity to cover up his previous actions. Who knows some new candidate may be tempted to go looking through some of the dodgy behaviour under his management.
We should also remember his decision to sell the main Bridewell, after it had stood empty and unused for many years while the price of properties in the area boomed and to sell it at the first crash?
Hi main competitor for the post seems to be ex MP Jane Kennedy. This should be a rather interesting battle, especially at the candidate selection stage for Labour as the choice will be made by all of Merseyside rather than one of the entrenched groups. He has already started buttering up Joe and Liverpool Labour as part of Joe Facebook campaign to be Mayor.
My money is on Kennedy but it's going to be tough to with Liverpool and Knowsley voting on masse.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Limited imagination.

The muting of the idea that Private companies could take on some of the work of the Police has sent the Police excuse Blogging machine into overdrive.
There are several interesting aspects to this.
1. The police, or at least the bloggers, see everyone who have a problem with them as being hard core left wing, who are fighting a class war.
2. The police don't seem to think that anyone could actually be critical of them and not have imagined anything worse, where as to be honest everyone know the police could be a lot lot worse.
What most of the critics of the police want is a better Police force than we currently have, one that is properly held accountable for it's actions and where the same law applies to us all, no more special treatment, no more turning blind eyes, to the miss behaviour of other officers. Proper supervision by an independent 3rd part rather than cosy in house investigations by PSD.
This reaction shows how self absorbed the police are or how political the entire it is.