Thursday, 26 January 2012

An unnecessary level of violence.

One of the phrases used on Crimewatch tonight by the police was "An unnecessary level of violence", used to describe the aggression used in robbing a sub post office. However the level of violence used was comparable with that used by Police when arresting people. The police justification is that the shouting, pushing around jumping on and smashing of car windows is necessary as they do not know what the person is capable off and that to ensure the safety of themselves and the person they are arresting. Surely the same logic applies in the case of the robbers there shouting and aggression will, by the Polices own logic minimise the risk to the thieves victims. However in this case the behaviour was described as cowardly and resulted in fairly serious trauma and long term illness.
The Police are prepared to and do openly use this tactic on innocent people, who are at risk of the same level of injury, but the reality is as far as your average Police are concerned as soon as they decide to arrest you the punishment starts. So much for innocent until proven guilty, so much for due process.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Wake up Merseyrail.

Though as a matter of principle I never set foot in the Midlands they do occasionally have some good ideas. Take this for instance First glimpse at £5m light rail network such a system could be used to provide Sefton with a link between Aintree and Bootle Oriel Road for about the same cost. The stations at either end just need the platforms clearing and the route needs the collection of trees removed from it.
With a bit more work Warrington Bank Quay could be connected to Liverpool South Park Way in preparation for an onward connection to the Airport. Providing a quick link from the WCML into Liverpool than going via Crewe.
A similar type of unit could be used in the rebuilding of the Burscough Curves to connect Ormskirk to Southport or perhaps reduce the cost of rebuilding the Skelmersdale Branch from Ormskirk, perhaps with a tram at the Skem end into town.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The man who would be Mayor

What a surprise Liam Fogarty will stand for Mayor of Liverpool, if such a post is created. This is after years of campaigning for such a position to be created. I remember exchanging emails with Liam in which he got most offended by my suggestion that he would be standing for Mayor.

So what would this Oxford educated man bring to the city?
Is he high profile. No.
Is he steeped in politics. Yes.
Is he a breath of fresh air. No.

I tried to speak to him at a Capital of Culture meeting about 2004 not interested in talk to the plebs.
Since then I've received one rather snide response to an email.
He set up a group on facebook called "A mayor for Liverpool" in which he doesn't interact with the members.
My conclusion is that he is another arrogant fool, who will play politics with the city.
My experience of people says that people bubbling with ideas can't help but talk about them, Liam is no such man.
The only thing I can say in Arty Fog's favour is that he isn't Phil Redmond.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

HS2 the fight begins

Without wanting to pass comment on what happens with HS2 post Birmingham the NIMBYs seem to have decided that they will be pursuing court action with the intent of tying up the process for as long as possible until the government gives up. This sounds like an abuse of process to me, engaging in legal action simply to delay the inevitable is an offence and should mean any cases brought with this intent should be thrown out.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dr Helen Oakey

Dear Dr Helen Oakey,

I would like to apologise.

Yours sincerely Tooth Grinder of Cambridge.

Update 8th December.

I suddenly noticed this message was post was getting a lot of hits, so I did a quick search myself, to find out why. it was saddening to find out.

I only meet Dr Oakey briefly when she undertaking her GP training at the Red House surgery in Cambridge. I was in the waiting room when she walked past the door and I immediately thought wow, and wondered why I never met people that good looking. When I was called to see the Dr I was amazed to find it was her, the next 45 minutes of a 10 minute appointment were spent with me confused. I met her on a couple of other occasions and she was every bit as wonderful as she had appear, I remain awe struck to this day.
It was only several years later that in a kind of madeleine moment, I realised that she may have been flirting with me, the original post was my way of dealing with the sudden waves of regret and and guilt how rude and arrogant I must have seemed for not noticing.
It could be that with the passage of time I am reading more into this than actually was the case, I don't want to upset anyone finding this oblique post, while looking for information on Dr Oakey.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Fridge for the 21st century.

I want a fridge where the radiator is separably from the cold box. So I can place the main fridge or even freezer in the unheated utility room, which I do not have, with the radiator and the compressor section in the kitchen. This would keep the kitchen warm with the heat pumped out of the fridge and increase the efficiency of the fridge by not warming up the utility room.