Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I have a love hate relationship with snow. I love to slide across it on Skis but haven't done that for 20+ years but my Ski boots still travel with me. I love the way it looks, especially the non UK variety which is cleaner and lasts for months.  In a country that is prepared for snow and doesn't grind to a halt.
There is nothing better than to look out from a Hotel room on to a world which is white and feel the warmth of the sun, the most glorious feeling is to stand in a T-Shirt in the Sun at -2C and feel warm. It has a crisp dryness which the UK weather doesn't have.
Those that hate snow have never seen it in all its majesty coating a mountain, it is a sight and a feeling that modern fabrics have made delightful, even to just sit at an Austrian bar in the Beir Garden or near the top of an Alp and drink a cold beer is so strange as to be new, more different than a visit to the Costas.
UK snow is horrible it is thrown about indiscriminately by little kids and makes me angry. It blocks roads it turns into a hideous dark mass which just sit around, and look like a pile of shit.
Once it even stole my girlfriend, it allowed itself to be written in outside her house in Stafford and while it may have taken 2 years the msg got through and in the end she married the man that the snow had prostituted itself too. For years I could not look at snow without feeling anger and pain, I had loved it and it had betrayed me.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Tea Time

I decided to go wild and push the boat out and risk 27p to evaluate Tesco Everyday Tea. Now normally there is only one type of Tea worth drinking and that is Typhoo, no ifs, no buts. However giving it a close run is Tesco Premium Blend, the problem is that I can get Typhoo at 99p per 80 bags in Home Bargain.
It is also very good, so much so, that it fails in its main purpose of keeping my caffeine level correct, while at the same time forcing me to grit my teeth every time, so I remember to go out and buy Typhoo. I could obviously get Quick Brew or Tetley but then I could boil water and add milk and sweetener.
The Everyday Value variety is a decent cup of  tea, provided you let it brew a bit longer. I fear it may be too good for the purpose I have for it. I will have to drink the remaining 79 bags to test.

Thursday, 18 October 2012


I've just finished an Exam, T325 if you are interested. It is my equivalent of the Olympics and I've now done it, I should be feeling good but I don't.
Part of me feels that some deep part of me is trying to send my conscious self a message but I don't know what part of me or what message. This is roughly in line with my ability to understand other people. I don't know when I became so uncertain or whether it is justified. Is it that over time I have realised how bad my intuition is or is it an innate part of me.
In life, you're given very little education on how to deal with yourself especially if your parents have the same problem. There was no attempt in my education to grow me as a person there was simply the assumption that telling me off would somehow teach me.
There is no use providing a plaster in the form of citizenship class in the hope that people can so the light.
If society problem is that it is producing people who cannot function it should try and understand why but it doesn't. It creates phrases like NEET to describe the results and assumes that the problem is the lack of education or training when that is just a symptom.
What is the point of having schools which fail to educate people on how to live a life but tries to give people qualifications which they do not use? If their current crop of NEETs hadn't been let down by both parents, schools and society in general when it comes to helping them grow in fully functional human beings. If those that were to become NEETs have instead of not being trained to get GCSE but had been trained in life skills and how to understand themselves they may not have any great qualifications at the end but they would be better human beings able to contribute to society none the less, and capable of obtaining education and qualifications later in life.
But as you cannot get an O'level in self-confidence or an A'level in making friends there is not intensive to teach them.
The first and most important lesson schools should teach is how to live life well and be a functional societal human being but that would be difficult to mark, to measure and to test so we use an inappropriate measure and damn people who do not measure up to this even though their major failing is not their lack of long division skills but their lack of people skills.
Ah I hear you say but that is the parent's job, well if they aren't doing it then schools must as a priority above and beyond the 3Rs.

Philip Larkin - This Be The Verse

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
  They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
  And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up in their turn
  By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
  And half at one another's throats.

Man hands on misery to man.
  It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
  And don't have any kids yourself. 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Alzheimer's disease

I appear to have developed Alzheimer's disease, there can be no other reasonable explanation, it seems however that I am getting wonderful treatment. This treatment consist of having things from my childhood and early youth being shown to me, apparently it allows me to reconnect with long stored memories and induce a comfortable warm feeling in my addled mind. This is somewhat compromised by the fact that I hated my childhood only sightless than I hate adult life, it is not that my childhood was very bad just that I am very awkward.
In 1976 my mum bought me and my brother new bikes, which is good, she had done it with the money she got from my dad's life insurance which is bad. So seeing a Rally Europa is something of a mixed thing for me it brings back lots of memories, like breaking my collar bone on it by dropping a bag down the front forks, I remember vividly the last time I saw it was at Hayes House in Stone, that day I lost my bike, a Girl Friend and somewhere to live, plus a certain amount of dignity in the process.
It does make me wonder how much the therapy is affecting other dementia sufferers, are those old ladies genuinely happy to see what the carer has just shown them or are the acting out what the carer wants to believe, while inside screaming. The WW2 Gas mask bag may bring back nice memories for some, of their youth but for me and perhaps those who lived through WW2 the memories may not be so fond. The WW2 survives may be badly traumatized by the sudden recollection of Mr Jones from next door's head being blown through the window by a stray blast bomb while I just remember peddling like hell to escape from Michael Thomas.
I would therefore like to apologize to those Dementia suffers in the late 70s and early 80s who I disturbed by using one as my school and Polytechnic bag. You see no good memories at all.
Do not get me started on Adidas bags and Parkers. Though I am tempted by a duffel coat, I had one in the 60s.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Republic, Not a Democracy

The American right has decided that they cannot win the argument, so they have decided to change the language. The US Constitution mentions the word Republic far more that it does Democracy. So the NeoCons have decided that they can change the meaning of the word republic, from what it means in the dictionary, for something completely different, and strangely exactly what they and in particular the Tea party  claim to stand for. It also happens to be the name of the party which they happen to want to hijack to get into power.
Their definition is rather nonsensical and has no root in history but they seem as keen to do it as they are to brand the Nazi as Socialist. The right in US politics have always sort to claim the founding father as their guide. While at the same time ignoring them completely. The people who signed the constitution were not religious zealots, a large number were deist, not Christians.
The pilgrim fathers were not the first group or the most influential in early North America or in the united states. The persecution that they fled was one that stopped them persecuting others, when they got the chance in America, they very quickly had blood on their hands. Amongst other things the executed a woman for being a Quaker.
Nowhere do the NeoCons look at what the likes of Benjamin Franklin thought a republic was and no where does Franklin claim to have a view which is different from the generally perceived view of his age, which is the a republic conducts its politics and decision making in public and doesn't have a hereditary leader.
The US constitution does not spend a great amount of time outlining how the US will maintain it's republic where as in the first few years they went to great lengths to define how they would fore-fill the democratic requirements.
The US right is the most intellectually bankrupt political groups in the world. They have no theory to back them up just an innate belief in their own right to power and will do whatever it takes to obtain that power. They are prepared to deny people the vote by fair and foul means to win, they cannot win on the arguments so they have decided to win by rigging the system.
The Republicans are the inheritors of the Pilgrim Fathers but not of those who wrote the constitution.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Past his sell by date.

Yesterday on Twitter I had the temerity to suggest that the churches where exploiting the disappearance of April Jones and who should come whining to their defence but Peter Price.

For those of you that are lucky enough never to have heard of Price, he is a loud mouthed, rabble rousing gob shite, who appears on Radio City in Liverpool and in the Echo. He likes the sound of his own voice and glories in is own self righteousness, he shouts down the or cuts off anyone who disagrees with him.

His Echo articles are some the few on which readers are not allowed to comment, because long ago the vast majority of people subject to his thoughts realised he was a dangerously self deluded man. He is your arch conservative in his outlook, keen to jump on any bandwagon, he trusts his first instincts and has never let reason over turn his bigotry. You would be a fool to take him on, on his own show because he would cut you off. Part of the reason he has never succeeded anywhere outside Liverpool is they can see right through him.

The reason he gets so angry when he reads something which doesn't deal with what he sees, as the only acceptable topic in the situation, which is with some mawkish self flagellation and crocodile tears, but ask some other questions which require a more considered approach that Price has ever given to anything.

So back to the original question, do Churches exploit tragedy, and do the media let them get away with it. The example of Yesterday clergy talking on all channels about the local community and how it felt would lead an outsider to believe that the Church was the very center of life, if it is, it is the only place in the UK where that is true. So how did it come about, well it is what clergy are trained to do, if someone from say Coke was to start staging meetings with counselors and saying that Coke was the centre of town life there would be an outcry, same is true if it was a political party, but if you a church then off you go, you can use any tragedy as a recruiting wagon and no one censures you.

The two GMP Officers killed had even more church involvement, we don't know whether or not the 2 officers ever attended or even if they were christened, but the church was there to maximize it publicity. This is what they do and it is wrong.

It is difficult for Price as he is a simple in a complex world, he shouldn't be given a platform to shout out his idiocy.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Due Process

The ongoing search for April Jones' is currently providing various elements of the media with an opportunity to jeopardize the due process of law and make a trial impossible, and opportunity that they seem to want to grasp with both hands.
Sky news' Kay Burley, while not risking due process has decided to go for a sensational story by interviewing a person under arrests son, who doesn't know his father, setting a new low that even Sky's sibling Fox will have difficultly descending too.
Then there is the normal bunch of string them up idiots who will quite happily see a man hanged before he has even been charged, never mind put before a court. In most cases without taking the into account what happens if it their son or daughter accused and lynched, then found guilty? Where would they stand then? Well some it seems are happy to volunteer that if they come under suspicion then the thumbscrews are OK by them, I hope the various police forces have seen this and see it as consent.
It is not an unreasonable to ask, "If by compromising Due Process in such a way that made the trial impossible but did not have any effect on the accused, but would save a life should it be done?" Is the right to life of an individual above the rights of society to justice? It is a very hard decision to make and not one I would like to have to take. It is not just that the guilty would go free but that in the future all someone would have to do was arrange for a repeat situation to ensure that they were never prosecuted. It would be an encouragement to those who are only just restrained by the rule of law, that they had a bigger chance of getting away with it. It would risk more lives and injuries than it would save. Due Process must be preserved for the benefit of future victims. Though I hope the question never has to be answered in the real world.
Lynching of Jesse Washington
If any of you think a Lynching is a good idea, this is what one looks like, this even appalled Texans.