Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wall of rubbish

The latest generation of high speed missiles seem to be worrying some in the Navy, namely the Zircon,  given the need for a quickish response here is a solution using equipment that is either all ready on board or can be fitted quickly, and there is nothing exotic about it.
One of the weak points on naval system at the moment is how to engage something with is not line of sight but is close in, say shielded by a small island or another ship. If it is a long way away then a missile or shell can just be fired over the top, but close in you might not be able to get the gun high enough to fire via a high trajectory, and given the high velocity of the round it will be a while before it comes down. Missiles are expensive and still difficult to get to something which is close into say a cliff on the far side of an island.
In a lot of these cases a mortar would be ideal, especially with smart shells, the question is could a mortar be used against a fast missile, say Mach 6. Well given the right round and enough warning yes. If I was in a ship under attack by a Mach 6 missile I would want every possible system used to defeat that threat and want them all at the same time, I don't want to try 1, then have a think and try another. So if an missile is detected in bound then all possible system should engage. It's impossible to make a Mach 6 missile stealthy, its nose and any leading edges will literately be glowing a dull read with heat from the friction and the shock waves will show up on radar.
So I'll assume all the normally anti air weapons are being readied from missiles to guns that are in a position to lay down flak and they are all being coordinated via a battle network such as the Cooperative Engagement Capability system of the US Navy
Some ships in the fleet may be blocked by others from direct fire. Unless they have mortars which can be used to add to the flak clouds. The also may have an advantage of artillery flak, when it comes to sea skimming missiles. The shells will be coming in vertically, if they are fitted with an annular blast fragmentation warhead, then rather than have to fly through the thin disk, the missile would have to fly along a chord of the disk. Coordinating this with Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact along the path would create clouds of shrapnel which would play hell with an air breathing missile. Ships at greater distance could add to the flak cloud with artillery.
Assuming you can only defeat speed with speed is wrong, the important thing is time, if you have AEW, whether from a drone and a Merlin, then you might have enough time. Which reminds me does Crowsnest have an IR seeker?
The type of weapon needed would be some form of combination of 2B9 Vasilek

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