Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pete Burns

So Pete Burns has died and the musical wannabes and art types are beside themselves. Well my impression of him was that he was a git. I sure he suffered a fair amount of crap when growing up, mostly the scallies but that doesn't excuse his behaviour when humiliating people who didn't share his taste in music or his outlook. The stories the people tell about him in Probe are true and I'm sure he upset a fair number of people in their teenage years. I was a prog rock/heavy metal fan and going into Probe, when Burns was there, was just a pain, just enjoying snide little remarks etc. I used to just rummage through the Albums out front there was just too much sneering if you asked for something the staff didn't like in Probe.
Lots of the comments about him have referred to him being High NRG and High maintenance, which to me sounds like he was an absolute pain in the arse. The kind of git who would put music on loud at 5am and then complain about someone putting music on at 3pm because he was trying to sleep.
I have had several comments deleted when being critical of Burns on Liverpool sites, most of which were just pretty plain stories about what he was like in Probe.
The one thing I am sure about those is that he wouldn't have given a flying fuck about what I said about him, he knew he was a screaming bitch and didn't care, those who want to play this side of him down, and dealt my comments would have incurred his scorn for being so fucking childish. He might not have been that nice, IMHO, but at least he was honest unlike his fandom.
I'd happily have Burns alive and Pete Price dead if that any consolation.

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