Saturday, 8 October 2016

Labour Conference Day 4a

The wind is blowing but the wind turbines are not going around.
On the streets of Liverpool, amphetamine prices have reached an all-time, fueled by the need of delegates to stay awake during Diana Abbott's speeches.
LSD has been stockpiled in expectation of a big demand in perpetration for the leader's speech, while combi packs of Prozac and E are available for Wednesday.
Special supplies of 20:20 have been rushed in for Dennis Skinner and an emergency order has been placed with both Greggs and Sayers on the expectation of big demand from John Prescot after Joe Anderson turned up and answered the big question of who ate all the pies.
The Rosicrucians were everywhere aided by the fact the did not exist.
Ships chandlers across Liverpool reported brisk business as the Fabian wing of the party battened down for squall Momentum to blow itself out.

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