Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Labour Conference Day 5

Well, it appears that the drugs were working, at least for me, I managed to hang around gormlessly outside the conference for all 5 days. Today though was a special day, I got there just before kicking out time and got to watch the Labour party leave on mass, all in all, it was a collection of the terribly mundane, trooping out back into reality or from a couple of overheard fragments straight back into the nearest pub.
In a feat or organization, not seen since Corbyn took over, one group even dispatched several members before the speech ended to grab places or report back on vacancies in bars, at least 2 of their reccie teams found that other more determined groups hand grabbed prime positions in the area and watched the speech from the pub.
Outside the entrance, a small group of Corbynites had gathered and had a go at some of the realist members of the party as they left, with what will be described as thrilling and witty repartee in The Canary and shallow slogans everywhere else.
Corbynite prepares and attempted haranguing Tom Watson
First out of the building was Derek Hatton, in a hurry to get back to his Merc.
Derek does one.
The most visible presence outside the conference all week has been the pro-European one, each day has had a different group or 2 for who BREXIT is a key issue.
Some reports from inside the halls suggest that inside the atmosphere has been a bit more bad-tempered than usual but under control. The noise made when Corbyn left, the conference or his hotel were significant but not overwhelming. While JC may be able to get his supporters to pay some cash to have a say it doesn’t look like he has got them to turn up for the conference. It seems like that, as with the other humdrum work being a party member should require, they cannot be bothered to do it, any commitment beyond the odd rally is beyond them, well beyond the sheep anyway, not sure about the shepherds, but after last night speeches at the Black-E, there will likely be 1 less shepherd to worry about.
Clive Lewis claiming the conference hasn't been good for his liver.

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