Saturday, 27 August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn why he is useless.

Corbyn goes off the rails

The #traingate saga is very revealing about Corbyn and co, it highlights a couple of major problems. Someone, on this journey out of London, seems to have hit on an idea of how to highlight some of the problems with rail services, so far so good. They have then decided to make a little video, however, they should have noticed while going off to make this video some of the problems, namely the empty or apparently empty seats. If you make an attack or criticism of someone, they are most likely going to defend themselves, they are likely to ask their staff who are witnesses, then go on to look at CCTV, so you had better make sure your argument and video is bullet proof.
A proper approach would be first to check the train and if it was not viable on this train as it wasn't, then plan to get a train with worse overcrowding and do the video on that. It should be difficult to find a more overcrowded train or an excuse to be on it.
In this case, the team don't seem to have been able to imagine that others would not just take their statements at face value, this is a massive failing in empathy and shows a rather great defect in a working theory of mind.
On s simple price level if you are arranging a journey then you do pre-book it, to get the best price and to secure a seat. If you don't it shows a very great lack of organisation, that JC and his team didn't do it shows they don't care about costs and the have no idea how to turn up ready to get to work, at best it shows monumental disorganisation, something which is not good in a leader of a party never mind a country.


Practicality does not seem to be a trait Corbyn suffers from, he has the air of someone who has gone through life without having to make any hard decisions on everyday subjects, he has never been a government minister or shadow. When things did not go the way he wanted he has just walked away, whether it is from polytechnic or his marriage, and that the way his politics work. He is like a child given a choice between 2 things that they want and unwilling to give up either ends up with neither. He may want to make everyone's lives rich and fulfilling but when they only option is to give them a bit more food and some more heat & power, he will forgo that in pursuit of his nirvana.
He seems to have acquired lots of followers of a similar ilk, some of them like him from posher more privilege end of the society, others of the more SWP persuasion. The first group will let the world burn rather the compromise out of selfishness. The second group do not want a Labour government they want the Tories to keep grinding the face of the poor into the dirt so that in the end they can pick up the pieces in a revolution. Though when you take into account the suffering to get to that point and the suffering to recover from it, you may have added to the total misery of the poor not relieved it one iota.


One of the most childish traits amongst political followers is the belief that everyone else actually knows that they are right and that they are simply being opposed by people for their own vested interest. In the case of JC's followers, he rebelled against the labour leaders ship because of principle, while anyone who rebels against him is doing it out of treachery.
They seem to think that if the party votes for JC in the upcoming leadership vote then the PLP should fall into line. David Cameron one the countries leadership battle at the polls? do they think everyone should just fall into line, after all, more voted in that election than in the party election! You can see hints of this in the #BREXIT vote, JC is quite clearly pro #BREXIT as are a lot of his supporters so that another case of towing the line because of the public's vote.
I can't tell whether this is hypocrisy or stupidity but one way and the other they are simply picking the votes to follow and votes to ignore to suit their own opinion.

What is his place in Politics

The best place for Corbyn in Politics is as a prophet, crying in the wilderness occasionally prodding people into asking questions about their own compromises in a practical world. At the moment he and his followers are acting like a group of 6th form politicos, who haven't even had face up to reality in any way, even someone with experience of undergraduate politics would not be a nieve as JC and the crew. Simply having to debate the allocation of mini buses or agree to fund the Tory student group as much as the Labour one would be a step into the practical world they have yet to take.
The person JC and the boys most remind me of, is Jake Morrison not a name that most of you will have heard of but an object less in impractical politics.
By putting their agenda before getting a Labour government JC and his supporters are stabbing the poor in the back and twisting the knife.

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