Monday, 30 May 2016

Fuck the Humanities

In the world of English literature, everyone opinion of the validity of Jane Austen's work as a guide the femininity in the 21st century or whether she can be held up as a proto-feminist may be valid. However when dealing with real world issues such as global warming or the environment, not everyone opinion is valid.
The only reason I can be bothered to have a debate with you is because at some point action made need democratic approval. Now even if the antiscience POV wins, it will not make their arguments right, it will have no bearing on the validity of anyone's arguments. The physical real world does not care about a majority opinion, it will not agree to disagree with you.
Your feelings are not at all valuable in determining if a debate was good or not. A good debate is not determined by everybody leaving feeling positive about themselves and the process but by the right conclusions having been come to, if after spending time defending a point, then some time later shoot your own argument in the foot, then expect never to be taken seriously again.
The laws of physics and the universe do not care how you feel.
The smug feeling that hippies and touch feely everyone POV is valid, well you just the stock broker in this picture, because To those laws, your opinions and happiness at the debate are as valuable as ths guy's "value for shareholder".

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