Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Meet the establishment. It is you.

I have been hearing a lot to do about Establishment cover ups and how they all got together to conceal the facts about the Hillsborough disaster, but who are they, how did they come to be members and what is the command structure like?
Well after some carefully though I've come to the conclusion that we are all members of the Establishment. If you support a team and swear to the end of time that a particular goal was not offside or are a fan of a band or singer and will not admit that a couple of the songs on the second album are a bit dodgy, the you are showing your Establishment side. Same as if you conveniently ignore the laws of physics to make your Illuminati/NWO/Bilderberg story hang together better.
If at work you have casually disposed of a complaint into the bin because it was just easier that way and perhaps claimed never to have seen it when a complaint is made about the lack of response then, welcome to the Establishment. You are a member of a political part and don't ever mention that the MP for Dunny-on-the-Wold is a waste of space, then welcome to the Establishment. If you are a journalist and you decided to spice something up a bit for some extra sales or because you don't like the person it is about then, I am afraid you have just joined the Establishment.
Admittedly there is some truth in the claim that UKIP is not part of the Establishment, well not part of the current Establishment anyway, they in fact part of the late 1940s Establishment.
Every time you let something slip, don't tell the truth, do something that is purely self-serving and not honest, then you do exactly the same as the Establishment does when it comes to all sorts of things. It not a matter of just of action, though, when you fail to correct someone's mistake when you lie by omission or turn a blind eye when it suits you the membership card is on the way.
The Establishment isn't a club with a membership it people doing what is best for them and their views, it doesn't have a membership list, it doesn't have an entry exam, every time your integrity fails, even a little bit, and it has then, you have joined.
So there isn't some club or cabal that has failed these are a group of people who self-interest and sometimes very petty self-interest led them to not act with the greatest level of integrity. For some, the level may well be criminal but for others, it will just be omissions because they don't need the hassle.
There but for the grace of god (a none existent allegorical being) go us all.

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