Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Blog

It is all very well, having a blog, but it means thinking of things to write. The most interesting things about this blog is its complete and utter lack of regular readers. While it is somewhat disappointing it is probably typical of most blogs.
You may have noticed adverts on this blog provide by Google, given the current rate at which it is accruing clicks it should be something like 2020 before I get my first payment out of it. Which is considerably more than my writings have ever earned me before.
Any apparent improvements in the grammar or spelling of these articles are down not to me learning anything but to the improvement in grammar and spell checking technology that I have access to. In a lot of ways it is infinitely preferable to being told off in class by someone who will not tell you the correct spelling but any how expects you to learn. Perhaps children will in the future use better spelling and grammar because they have not been told off by for doing it badly, but have just got rid of a few red lines that the computer drew on the screen.
I can't say I have put a lot of effort into the blog, the articles with the most effort are those where I have lifted most of the content from other documents I have written, but I've put slightly more in than some and they manage to accrue at least some random followers but this blog nothing at all. It isn't like I haven't rammed it down some people's throats via their comments sections of newspapers and through twitter. What this tells me to some extent is that my sociability is not down to me smelling bad, which at least is some relief.
The exact value of this posting is zero, if it earns even a single penny it will be over achieving.

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