Friday, 1 August 2014


It is not just me who has been campaigning for an HS2 connection for Liverpool there is also 20MilesMore

This is there document 20 Miles More Report, it is a lot more detailed in terms of benefit analysis and includes several other possible routes. The area they highlight relating to the plans I have suggested here are the cost of a subterranean station at lime street and the cost of path widening.

These are all things that HS2 Ltd is the best position to assess but all the suggestions from both groups are possible, it is just a matter of which one is the most cost effective. It is possible to mix and match suggestions to produce hybrids of the various plans.

The earlier articles can be found here HS2 Phase 2 LiverpoolFrom Ditton to Lime Street and East of Lymm.  And some more Rail Docs of mine.

Another route idea can be found here.

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