Monday, 21 July 2014


This morning at 4:30 GMT NIMBY special forces, supported by NIMBY Land, Sea and air forces, all across the land, began a combined building offensive in the backyards of those who had threatened their backyards. They toiled in haste, as they knew at any time those that threatened the sanctity of their own back yards would rouse and seek to prevent them from building the much needed, schools, hospitals, railways and airports.
They toiled on through the day, keeping a wary eye on the Horizon, for the sight of the selfish masses, who had opposed this obviously sensible and well thought out plan, to build on this spot and had instead proposed a totally unsuitable spot in the backyard of this NIMBY brigade.
As dusk fell, the forces of NIMBY had finished their mighty toil and they had erected builds of such beauty and elegance that they could only add to the beauty and amenity of this dark blighted area. So as the darkness fell they returned back to their homes knowing that their backyard was safe.
The next morning, as the Sun rose and the curtains were pulled back a great wailing was heard all across the land of the NIMBYs as, in the previous day, while they had been away building things of beauty afar, people had snuck into their beautiful back yard and erected horrendous eyesores that were in the wrong place for the catchment area.


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