Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Scottish independence.

I'm not at all interested in the nation state whether it is keeping this one or splitting into little bits, my view is that there should simply be a hierarchy of democratic organizations working from, say the village, to all human beings everywhere. There are very few boundaries which are anything other than artifice. River banks and mountain ranges exist, but it's us who give them political meaning.
So really what I'd like to see is a federal UK, for purely simple reason and that is road regulations. I don't want to drive across the border and have to figure out is this sign in kilometers or miles? What do double yellow lines mean here?
Some of the Welsh are worrying about the fact that they are a principality and Scotland is a Kingdom/Country. This is down to the bit of history that Wales never had a King and didn't actually have 1 unifying prince. In a federal UK, Scotland is going to be unhappy about being on the same level as the English regions, even if they have bigger populations. So we going to have to give them a different title say Duchy, so I'll be living in the Duchy of the Northwest of England.
It all begins to sound a bit childish, but for traditionalists, it gives something to hang onto, I'm quite happy to live On Globe 1, Continent 3, Island 1, Zone 4, Encampment 27. Though I don't think the Post Office recognises that.
Is there something special about old borders are they magical, preordained by god?  Well UKIP, the Tories and the SNP seem to think so, as do dumb fuck organisations like the friends of real Lancashire. Which is to say the least, a rather odd grouping of people and political views. In various parts of twitter socialists can be seen claiming that the kings and queens of the middle ages got the division of countries just right, or was it the Romans. Which is a considerably different to their view on every other achievement of monarchy.
When someone who is outside of the debate ventures a comment, if they agree with you they are independent and talking sense, otherwise they improperly interfere in the running of another state or blackmail. It is, on both sides, one the most childish and obviously political debates ever. If there is anything to be proud of it the relatively good natured way in which this is being handled.

For all of us that just want to get on with our lives and reject the jingoism of both sides remember,

They can take our lives, but they will never take our tea.

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