Monday, 3 February 2014

HS2 the Truth

While some of you may have heard of organizations like StopHS2, who campaign against the building of HS2 so ineffectively, what you may not know is that they are in fact funded by HS2 Ltd. This is why they are so useless, the real purpose of these organizations is only in part to provide a veneer of protest but also to attract those that know the dark secrets of HS2 and wish to let the world know the truth. When such individuals approach StopHS2 their documents and evidence of the foul misdeeds of HS2, the documents are taken for safekeeping and MI5 and Special Branch are informed and the whistleblower is "dealt with".


Some of the latest research work has pointed to the cause of the sinking of the Titanic as the quality of the steel used in the hull, especially the rivets. These below standard components caused the hole created by the iceberg to be far larger than it should have been. The reason these rivets were weak was insufficient iron was available for the rivets and so they were made of an alloy of weaker metals. The shortage of Iron was HS2 Ltd using a TARDIS that they had secured from the BBC to acquire cheap Iron for the rails. They paid 1910 prices.

So by the end of 1912 HS2 had already killed 1518 people.

World War 1

One of the main causes of world war 1 was the need to transport troops to the front using rail, this had to be planned in very great detail and at the time would have taken a vast amount of time.  In order to save money the German government outsourced the planning of the train travel. Realising that with modern computer technology they could do the job more quickly HS2 Ltd used the TARDIS to bid for the contract, win it and then use some hastily written software to produce the plan. There bid was so expensive in order to get as much money out of the Germans. In the end the Germans could only afford to produce 1 plan that enabled mobilisation against France and Russia at the same time. So starting a war with one meant starting a war with both.

By the end of 1918 HS2 had killed another 11 million people


HS2 Ltd orchestrated the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers. This was done to ensure that longer and longer check-in times where required, at airports so adding several hours to every journey. Not only that, but the cost of this security plus the reduced number of passengers because of the weight of the onboard security equipment and personnel, 4 out of every 5 people on a Ryan Air flight is security staff, the companies have to charge for flights. Without these extra costs everyone's journeys everywhere would be paid for by advertising, shown on the screens on the back of the seat.

So by the end of 2001 HS2 had killed another 2,996 people.

What is really planned for the future.

The production of the rails for HS2 will act to support the UKs ailing rail production Industry and also provides a clandestine stock of rails that can quickly be converted into rail guns. Each HS2 train set and the OHE equipment can be cannibalized to provide the electrical equipment for the gun.

Relativity and the Railway.

As most of you will be aware time is relative. For those travelling at high speed time passes slower than for those stationary. George Osborne and the Tories plan to capitalise on this by making the level of tax paid relate to the speed at which the local time of the Business HQ is travelling. Companies will be able to pay HS2 Ltd to base their head office on a train which continually runs at over 225mph, which will eliminate corporate tax for those companies. This will only apply to companies in the UK and on the ground, so airlines will offer no such benefit.
To this end the final HS3 will form an arc stretching across the two ligands of the Y and will allow a train to run continuously in a loop north of Birmingham at speeds of over 225mph.

The Quark Nugget Danger.

HS2 Ltd would rather you didn't know about Quark Nuggets, these microscopically small but incredibly massive objects hit the earth like buckshot, on a regular basis. When one of them hits a train travelling at over 200 mph the result will be carnage. HS2 Ltd know of the danger but keep silent about it why?

What was HS2 Ltds role in the Permian–Triassic extinction event
Deep in a Diamond mine in Russia miners was puzzled by a discovery, buried deep in sediment that has been laid down some 252 million years ago. That item was later discovered to be an early version of the HS2 documents delivered to parliament on a similar stick. HS2 putting unhelpful documents where it hopes they cannot be found using the BBC's TARDIS.

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