Saturday, 18 January 2014

Myrtle Street planning application.

In various other places I've had arguments with various NIMBY's about some land by Sefton Park, to HS2 everything from the development of

This is the planning app here, the support docs are here.

This is some more info here.

In general, I'm OK with it, but have sent this comment to the council.

"The existing boundary wall gives considerable character to the site and its retention together with the trees on Chatam Street should be considered a priority.
As should the retention of the naturalised border.
The entrance should be via the existing entrance on Vine Street.
Improvements will need to be made to the paths through the trees that border Myrtle street, this could be done by replacing the existing rough track with Grasscrete.
All the ground surface should be fully permeable, possible using further GrassCrete.
All external lighting should minimize light pollution.
The building should be built to PlusEnergy standards ( )or at least PassiveHaus"

The designs seem to show more of the wall being demolished than I would like. There are some more pictures of the site here.

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