Friday, 10 January 2014

Duggan et al

It hasn't taken long into the new year for old Police Scandals to reach the headlines and some new ones to emerge. The most prominent one was the finding of lawful killing in the case of Mark Duggan, as the law stand if you reasonably believe someone is about to try and kill you, you are entitled to defend yourself with deadly force. However, imagine a member of the public in a similar situation, where they have killed someone? At the very minimum the individual would have spent some time in police custody while Plod looked under every stone, checked every motive, it is more than likely there would have been a trial and that until that trial the accused would be held on remand. In short, no effort would have been spared to prosecute. The individual concerned would have been named and had the gutter press go through their lives with a find tooth comb. They would have most likely lost their job and should they ever apply for a job which requires an enhanced CRB check, it would have been flagged up. There is also no chance that the people doing the investigation would be from your gang.
This man who shot someone who was actually unarmed was going on information passed to him, can you imagine trying the defence of "he was dangerous my mate said so".
On top of that we get the latest round of Pleb gate, in which the one person accused suddenly decided to own up and take the wrap. Which conveniently means who will not be cross examined on how he came to write a dishonest email, about a something he didn't see and didn't happen and have the account tally with the accounts of others.
In addition to that we have questions about his mental health both now and at the time of the events. If the Police knew he was not well, why was he serving in a partiulcrly sensitive role, if they did not know, what does this say about their awareness of mental health issues?
On top of this comes allegations that Met Special Branch spied on members of the Hillsborough Support group, something they have not denied. If it is true, was it part of some authorised activity or some freelancing and favours being done for officers like Bettison.
To top this off a Chief Superintendent then appears on TV stating that the investigation have only brought 1 person to court. How ever fails to mention that the organisation doing the investigation is the organisation that employed and at the very least inadvertently provided the framework for any cooperation or liaison between the various officers. Just to make matters more complex the Police Federation seem to have got itself enmeshed in all this, potential using it's own members as soldiers in its political battle with the government.
This spanks of a collection of organisation from government down that are not fit for purpose, they have lost their sense of direction and duty, but just mumble platitudes, with no understanding.
Of course people will claim that these high profile stories do not paint a picture of day to day policing and the investigation of complaints. If so take a look at this Story Two Merseyside police officers sacked for tasering innocent man. It took several years to get to the final result, all that time these officers where serving, again can you imagine if a member of the public had conducted a similar assault?

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