Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Blog at the end of the year.

And so yet another year comes to end the sun had completed one more circuit around the sun, which itself is a little older and a little closer to becoming a Red Giant and eating its children, if of course the big rip has got just that bit closer.
These titanic events which will affect vast swaths of space are nothing compared to the rather predictable life events of some Zlebs from Holly Oaks, which occupy the pages of Magazines I believe are called things like OK! and Hello? But it is the squalid faux minutia of these peoples lives that obsesses the majority of the population. While this may seem are rather sad fact, it is actually a reassuring proof of the theory of evolution.
A species created by some all powerful being would not be obsessed with the goings on of her at number 13 or the fat of some fictional relation of another fictional character in a fictional borough, in a city so far away as to be potentially fictional its self. Only a creature who presences is the result of its ancestors' ability to get sex would, in this, the early stages of self awareness, spend large chunks of its time engaged in process to satiate drives that are now unchecked by the daily necessities of getting food and shelter.
The same can be said of obesity, in the past we ate when we could and spent a lot of the energy we had obtained getting the next meal, now food is dangled in front of us from all corners, so we satiate our appetites and get fat and ill. This is an age in which the rules that separate winners from looser in Survival of the fitests or sexual selection. Are no longer enforced on a daily basis, that isn't to say that in some forthcoming crises they will not be reinstated with brutal effect, but short of an asteroid or super volcano, the imposition will be a while away.
The first fruit of our escape from daily grind where arts and religion, with which we tried to control the world or at least figure out what was happening next, we worshipped the sun because we could not guarantee it would come up again, but eventually we'd spent enough time sitting on our backsides to work out that the sun would always come up, but we had already created religion and it moved on to trying to explain why we are here, which conveniently led to some people securing power of the others. There was still enough arse time around for us to develop agriculture, better weapons, Science philosophy etc.
But somewhere along the way religion had robbed a large portion of the population of the ability to see a world that was without intent and while it could no longer blame the earthquake on an angry god, who would only be happy when the people did what the religious leaders said. This portion of the population had to find new malevolent mega minds to replace the old gods.
Various groups claim to have found this fount of evil in the Illumanti, the New World Order, Bilderberg or Skull and Bones. They are just those suffering from a new strain of the religious disease that had dogged man for millennia. The most obvious and perpetual trait of humanity is to screw things up, any group formed to do this would fracture into a thousand pieces within a week, clique would fight clique.
The progress of humanity is not governed by people but by the Brownian motion of facments of a billion ideas circulating in the fragments of a billion minds. Like the arrow of time it an emergent process that can only be glimpsed. When you walk down the street whistling to yourself you a particle in the Brownian soup, which hit a particle and might deflect it and be part of a bigger movement. There is no indication that there is a fixed direction the process works just as well going up as it does down. If we want to continue upward to greater understand and longer survival for our claid, the valve that might provide that is the leaky one of mind, if we can do no more than stop whistling at the right time it might be enough to skew the process in the direction we would like society to go. It will be trying to move a supertanker by pushing with a feather but in the end it should succeed.
I'm off to bounce some particles.

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