Sunday, 15 September 2013

On the Origin of ideas

Where do new ideas come from? For some people the origin of all ideas is so remote
that it is assigned to mythical entities, which passes to humanity some time as a sign of their beneficence and some time as a sign of rebellion against other entities. In other cases humanity steals them from the gods, these come with warnings as with Pandora's box.
Something a little more prosaic would be nice but for some members of the population it seems that they don't understand that things have been invented , that at various times since humanity climbed down from the trees the amount of knowledge available to mankind has increased. It is not that some people or group of people who have either known everything or have had access to a document with the complete catalogue of human knowledge.
To a large number of these people the actual process of conceiving an idea would be considered just making it up and dismissed. No new knowledge can come into the world and definitely not from anyone they know, one of the true statements from the bible is "a prophet is without honour in his own land".
There is a bit more to it than just making it up, that is followed by periods of thinking and consideration of the new idea and the area in which it exists. That is of course if the person just making it up actually realises, at time what will seem the most natural thing in the world, the most obvious will intact by new and revolutionary.
The most demoralising thing to hear in the world is "I've never heard anyone say that" when used to dismiss an idea as the speakers lack of knowledge of something is in some way indicative of the idea being wrong and being fanciful. It also implies that the person who has never "heard the idea" is in fact so knowledgeable of the situation that they can dismiss ideas, the very idea that they do not know something implies that the idea is wrong.
This level of passive arrogance is what dominated society, it is what crushes new ideas, whether they are novel to all of humanity of just to the local situation. Not just genuinely new to the world ideas but also ones that they arbitrators of the mediocre and banal have not heard of are consigned to the bin. They don't replace them with better ideas they don't challenge them with an argument they ridicule them in the same way their racists and xenophobic fellow travellers ridicule other races and cultures. As far as I can tell racism etc. are all watered down branches of ideophobia for those who have specialised in particular source of new ideas to hate.

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