Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Trouble in the Neighbourhood.

Q. If you knew that your neighbour was bullying their spouse or other members of their family, what would you do if the family stood up and started fighting back?
If the conflict became a spiral of greater and greater aggression and violence when would you step in?
How would the attitude of the various in-laws affect you?
What if there was a sectarian division in the family, while your of a totally different religion or non?
So you decide to have a quiet word raising your concerns but while one side wants you to do more the other wants you to keep your nose out!
The in-laws find out and they want to have their say! One set of in-laws wants you to get involved while the other set don't.
Perhaps you should go to some external body to get some advice and get them to do something. Some of the officials send off a stiff letter to both spouses telling them to calm down, but that has no effect.
Perhaps they could go around and intervene or give you permission to you, to do so? But the neighbours on the other side are also having a bit a rough time and one of them works in the external body and is in a position to stop it giving permission, as they are worried you will start sticking your nose into their business.
Some of your mates suggest that they will help if you getting involved.

What Would you do.

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