Thursday, 27 June 2013

The journey is the way of getting there.

When there is a conflict between doing the things you want to do, and doing the things you need to do in order to achieve the things you want. It is no use deluding yourself that by sheer act of will and belief you can make your actions result in your desired outcome.
However there are no shortage of people who seem to be prepared to try and do this. I know I was one of them at age 12 but I gave up sometime after that. Sure I have also been mistaken, believing that the route to where I want to go is the same as the route I'm on.
Part of the reason for discussing plans is to make sure that your plan will achieve what you want or at least isn't guaranteed to achieve something else and never your goal.
You cannot want a better world while at the same time not wanting to change anything, but that is what most of the people seem to want. Something for nothing no pollution, no wind farms, no ill health, no medical research, no mining, no shortages, no farming, no hunger, no house building, no homeless, no fucking idea.

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