Thursday, 27 June 2013

October 1954 the day the Silence died.

I'm sitting in a library, I have headphones on and a playing white noise through them at max volume, and can still hear the people 20 feet away talking, I do not want to hear him, I've come to the library for a bit of peace and quiet and to play on a different computer from the one I have at home.
I may spend too much time in quiet contemplation but the world has definitely become a noisier place in my life time, I'm not talking about the day to day background noise of people walking, but deliberately produced human noise whether it's talking on mobiles , blasting out songs from the ear phones left right and centre.
On a quiet day in the park you can no longer hear the level murmurer of people talking but are incessantly bombarded by people shouting or playing music loud.
It wasn't always this before the invention of the transistor the biggest noise you could make in public would have been the sound of the wind up gramophone, the radio would have been too big to carry any distance. In October 1954 the first transistor radio entered mass production. It had taken since 1947 for the transistor to move from discovery to begin the total destruction of silence but it had begun. From that point onward  things would slowly go downhill.
During the 1960s the portable tape player came to popularity, now day or night you could produce any sound you wanted at your command, though admittedly without the annoying inter music interludes fill with either tinny jingles or vacuous Ramblings of a disk jockey.
The tape became the Walkman, which gave us the CD Walkman followed the MP3 player, in the form of the iPod.
Modern life is impossible without one of these devices to block out the sound of everyone else, Even at the best of times just at the edge of your hearing will be some crap bass line from N-Dubz or the worse the 1812 overture, or some other classical nonsense.
Being classic and of course high art the twat responsible for that will think it fine to blast it out at a higher volume because it is edu-fucking-cational, no it fucking isn't it noise pollution. If you are really unlucky this will be accompanied by the jabbering of pseudo intellectual rubbish regarding the superior quality of classical music, and how it is "high art", which you will assume can only be spoken about in a totally nonsensical language made up of what sound like half remember phrases from a TV programme their mate once saw and told them about.
The only thing worse than having to hear the flacid tones of some 18th century syphilitic is to have to hear the flaccid tones of a 20th century twat playing something "middle of the road". If it was truly middle of the road it would be squashed by a 20tonne articulated lorry, what it is bottom of the midden music. More devoid of imagination than Donald Trump is of dignity.
The world will be a better place when people just spend their free time stoned out of  their mind entertaining themselves in the privacy of their own heads or then learn to walk about quietly.
So just shut the fuck up.

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