Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Educating Jake

Jake Morrison
Here in Liverpool there is a minor storm in a teacup  centring on the behaviour interactions of 2 relatively young politicians. On one side Jake Morrison still only 19/20 and in his 3rd years as a City Councillor, on the other Luciana Berger 32 and in her 3rd year as MP for Liverpool Wavertree, the parliamentary constituency that includes Jakes council Wavertree ward.
Depending on which way you look at it is either
Jake forgets that he is only a big fish in a very small pond.
Luciana (and her bag carrier) trying to bully a younger poltico.
It is Jake, taking a principled stand, not to become an element in a homogenised political system.
Luciana is trying to do what is needed to get her party into government, where it can have true influence.
And enormous cluster fuck.

Jake has claimed he is unhappy to be offering what he sees as Tory lite to the people of Liverpool, this in some ways is unfortunate as the Lib-Dems, UKIP, BNP… all claim the same kind of things. He should also be worried that he has the man he defeated Mike Storey now praising him and applauding is integrity and principles, this even for a Storey is political expedience of the most vile nature.
Luciana is not an experienced MP but she has cut her teeth on one of the traditional routes into "adult" politics that is via student politics and think tanks, without ever having a real job, this is here career, she may think she can make a difference but her training is to keep in line, not rock the boat and get the party into power. Her naivety is, in some ways, of the same magnitude as Jake's but in different areas.
Jake is right about people being dissatisfied with politics and this kind of conflict between 2 members of a party should be part of the internal struggle of ideas within the party that ultimately gives rise to policy, if the AV system had been adopted Wavertree could have been offered them both, if you wanted to vote for Labour you picked the one you likes the sound of most and put them 1st choice and the other the second.
Instead it will likely end up with one of them being humiliated at the next election, if there was a "big beast" of Liverpool politics around it's not too late to bash heads, but it the heads of a lot more than these 2 that need bashing together.

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