Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Death of Thatcher

Ok so a lot of people waited a long time for her to go and she was as a person arrogant and pompous and her policies did a lot of damage. Some will say that it wasn't damaged but was necessary to fix the economy of the UK and point to various economic booms since as proof that this is the case but the booms do not prove anything, they definitely do not prove that the alternatives that Callaghan and Co were pursuing would not have worked. The rest of Europe followed a different path and do not seem to have done too badly. In the US under Reagan the US spent a fortune on its military pumping money into the economy by means that the right finds acceptable.
What Thatcher did do without question is favour London and the South East. While most of us now rely on private bus companies London benefits from a well coordinated publicly owned and funded services, to go with it's equally lavish rail system.
The economy moved from manufacturing to service industries as they were seen as the future, the German future however included manufacturing and has outgrown the UK since 1979, this included rebuilding East Germany a cost which the UK could not have carried.
One of the most interesting things I found in the numbers was that while the Tory percentage vote went up by 8.1 the Labour vote only went down 2.3 it was the Lib Dems who lost the most at 4.5, given that the Libs are in bed with the Tories this time...

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