Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I am not a writer.

The title is pretty obviously true but what makes a writer? I'd like to be one and have the ability to write my thoughts in a coherent and cogent way, well to honest I can do that but it takes a long long time. I did try using dictation software but all that revealed was how often I said 'hum' and made various other noises.
I tried reading the tweets of some authors and found that in the case of Fleet Street Fox what was needed the ability to spin things and to claim anything not proven false was true. It involved having only an agenda of being listened to.
I tried following to and Stephen Fry, this only succeeded in furthering my insecurities and realising what an ill educated oaf I was.
In general I did learn that the way I come over in writing and I believe in speaking as very arrogant and condescending. While I'll admit to a certain amount of that I think I've managed to develop the linguistic tone of someone even more arse holeish than I actually am.
I must assume that this is true, to some extent with other people, that they are inside different from their projected personalities. I am going to experiment with this, by trying to convince myself that Alain and Stephen are in fact bumbling, ill educated prats who fortunately for them come over is intelligent and well educated people, with wonderfully well rounded personalities.
I also recently found out the Mike Hewitt was dead and that rather than being the snide condescending git that he wrote as, in person he was a genuinely nice guy. I'd spent ages slagging him off without getting the joke. My greatest regret is my own lack of artifice.

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