Monday, 25 March 2013

The Trees

Recently Liverpool Council discovered it owned some land, which due to various economic problems, hadn't been put to its intended use, this was 1867. The original use was for the building of posh houses to fund development of Sefton Park, in the end not all the plots sold. The land is next to Sefton park and are flat fields with trees around the edge, rather like a large lawn and about as environmentally diverse. The trees are mature, assuming they were planted when the park was laid out, makes them just under 150 years, though they could be much younger. I'm not sure if or when the council officially gave up trying to sell the land, if they ever did.
There is, in general, an unwillingness to admit that trees like people get old and will need to be replaced, surely it's better to have a plan for this to harvest the wood when the trees are at their peak, and not wait for rot and decay to set in? If harvested at their prime, the wood is valuable and will hopefully stay as wood locking up the carbon, a new tree can then be planted to consume the most carbon. If people object to selling the wood it can be used by local schools or artist.
Ideally the trees would be planted over a period so that they will all not peak at the same time, failing that a plan should be in place to gradually replace the trees over many years. So that the park is full of trees of diverse ages and no wholesale felling and replanting will be needed, but such planning ahead is verboten.
But it seems that even Liverpool's old nemesis Militant or as they now call themselves the Socialist Party, though they will attach themselves to any cause as per Trotsky's the French turn. So we can expect the UKIP and BNP to campaign against the sell off, as well as any other scum with an agenda they want to hide.

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