Monday, 25 February 2013

The Scally defence

In full the Scally defence is,

"Me mate said,
me mate wouldn't lie to me,
therefore it's true".

This defence is used considerably more often than might be expected, a specific subset is known as the "Nuremberg Defence" which is "I was only following orders", like it's better know version the Scally defence is ruled illegitimate in most cases, however it does seem to work if you a serving police officer and kill someone, as in the case of Jean Charles de Menezes and your mate is Cressida Dick.
The major flaw with the defence is that your mate may not be lying they may fervently believe what they are saying, but that doesn't stop it  being bollocks. Simply believing what you mate says makes you fully culpable.
The fact that your mates genuinely believe and spout bollocks is one of the major flaws in the arguments of the various conspiracy theorists/Freemen of the Land/ these people while saying everything TPTB say is a lie, while everything some random bloke, whose only qualification is to distrust the same people as you, is true. In fact applying applying "De Morgan's law" to the Scally Defence we arrive at the Assange Defence in full

"Me enemies said,
my enemies always lie,
therefore it is untrue".

These two defences are in fact the same, in both cases they abrogate personal responsibility and select one arbitrary group as truthful and the other as liars.

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