Monday, 22 October 2012

Tea Time

I decided to go wild and push the boat out and risk 27p to evaluate Tesco Everyday Tea. Now normally there is only one type of Tea worth drinking and that is Typhoo, no ifs, no buts. However giving it a close run is Tesco Premium Blend, the problem is that I can get Typhoo at 99p per 80 bags in Home Bargain.
It is also very good, so much so, that it fails in its main purpose of keeping my caffeine level correct, while at the same time forcing me to grit my teeth every time, so I remember to go out and buy Typhoo. I could obviously get Quick Brew or Tetley but then I could boil water and add milk and sweetener.
The Everyday Value variety is a decent cup of  tea, provided you let it brew a bit longer. I fear it may be too good for the purpose I have for it. I will have to drink the remaining 79 bags to test.

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