Monday, 8 October 2012

Past his sell by date.

Yesterday on Twitter I had the temerity to suggest that the churches where exploiting the disappearance of April Jones and who should come whining to their defence but Peter Price.

For those of you that are lucky enough never to have heard of Price, he is a loud mouthed, rabble rousing gob shite, who appears on Radio City in Liverpool and in the Echo. He likes the sound of his own voice and glories in is own self righteousness, he shouts down the or cuts off anyone who disagrees with him.

His Echo articles are some the few on which readers are not allowed to comment, because long ago the vast majority of people subject to his thoughts realised he was a dangerously self deluded man. He is your arch conservative in his outlook, keen to jump on any bandwagon, he trusts his first instincts and has never let reason over turn his bigotry. You would be a fool to take him on, on his own show because he would cut you off. Part of the reason he has never succeeded anywhere outside Liverpool is they can see right through him.

The reason he gets so angry when he reads something which doesn't deal with what he sees, as the only acceptable topic in the situation, which is with some mawkish self flagellation and crocodile tears, but ask some other questions which require a more considered approach that Price has ever given to anything.

So back to the original question, do Churches exploit tragedy, and do the media let them get away with it. The example of Yesterday clergy talking on all channels about the local community and how it felt would lead an outsider to believe that the Church was the very center of life, if it is, it is the only place in the UK where that is true. So how did it come about, well it is what clergy are trained to do, if someone from say Coke was to start staging meetings with counselors and saying that Coke was the centre of town life there would be an outcry, same is true if it was a political party, but if you a church then off you go, you can use any tragedy as a recruiting wagon and no one censures you.

The two GMP Officers killed had even more church involvement, we don't know whether or not the 2 officers ever attended or even if they were christened, but the church was there to maximize it publicity. This is what they do and it is wrong.

It is difficult for Price as he is a simple in a complex world, he shouldn't be given a platform to shout out his idiocy.

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