Sunday, 14 October 2012

Alzheimer's disease

I appear to have developed Alzheimer's disease, there can be no other reasonable explanation, it seems however that I am getting wonderful treatment. This treatment consist of having things from my childhood and early youth being shown to me, apparently it allows me to reconnect with long stored memories and induce a comfortable warm feeling in my addled mind. This is somewhat compromised by the fact that I hated my childhood only sightless than I hate adult life, it is not that my childhood was very bad just that I am very awkward.
In 1976 my mum bought me and my brother new bikes, which is good, she had done it with the money she got from my dad's life insurance which is bad. So seeing a Rally Europa is something of a mixed thing for me it brings back lots of memories, like breaking my collar bone on it by dropping a bag down the front forks, I remember vividly the last time I saw it was at Hayes House in Stone, that day I lost my bike, a Girl Friend and somewhere to live, plus a certain amount of dignity in the process.
It does make me wonder how much the therapy is affecting other dementia sufferers, are those old ladies genuinely happy to see what the carer has just shown them or are the acting out what the carer wants to believe, while inside screaming. The WW2 Gas mask bag may bring back nice memories for some, of their youth but for me and perhaps those who lived through WW2 the memories may not be so fond. The WW2 survives may be badly traumatized by the sudden recollection of Mr Jones from next door's head being blown through the window by a stray blast bomb while I just remember peddling like hell to escape from Michael Thomas.
I would therefore like to apologize to those Dementia suffers in the late 70s and early 80s who I disturbed by using one as my school and Polytechnic bag. You see no good memories at all.
Do not get me started on Adidas bags and Parkers. Though I am tempted by a duffel coat, I had one in the 60s.

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