Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Republic, Not a Democracy

The American right has decided that they cannot win the argument, so they have decided to change the language. The US Constitution mentions the word Republic far more that it does Democracy. So the NeoCons have decided that they can change the meaning of the word republic, from what it means in the dictionary, for something completely different, and strangely exactly what they and in particular the Tea party  claim to stand for. It also happens to be the name of the party which they happen to want to hijack to get into power.
Their definition is rather nonsensical and has no root in history but they seem as keen to do it as they are to brand the Nazi as Socialist. The right in US politics have always sort to claim the founding father as their guide. While at the same time ignoring them completely. The people who signed the constitution were not religious zealots, a large number were deist, not Christians.
The pilgrim fathers were not the first group or the most influential in early North America or in the united states. The persecution that they fled was one that stopped them persecuting others, when they got the chance in America, they very quickly had blood on their hands. Amongst other things the executed a woman for being a Quaker.
Nowhere do the NeoCons look at what the likes of Benjamin Franklin thought a republic was and no where does Franklin claim to have a view which is different from the generally perceived view of his age, which is the a republic conducts its politics and decision making in public and doesn't have a hereditary leader.
The US constitution does not spend a great amount of time outlining how the US will maintain it's republic where as in the first few years they went to great lengths to define how they would fore-fill the democratic requirements.
The US right is the most intellectually bankrupt political groups in the world. They have no theory to back them up just an innate belief in their own right to power and will do whatever it takes to obtain that power. They are prepared to deny people the vote by fair and foul means to win, they cannot win on the arguments so they have decided to win by rigging the system.
The Republicans are the inheritors of the Pilgrim Fathers but not of those who wrote the constitution.

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