Sunday, 19 August 2012

Crunchie the real health food bar.

Crunchie by Adambro
I've always believed that honesty was the best policy this is of course for totally moral reasons and nothing to do with the fact that I have a shit memory.  Though I'm not really surprised by stories like "Cereal bars: Healthy image a myth - Which?" however I am quite often taken in by them.
I have wasted a ridiculous amount of time and money buying the light alternative and the snack you can eat between meals without losing your appetite, as part of my diet. When it turns out the beloved Crunchie has less Calories and is cheaper.
Your standard Crunchie bar is composed almost entirely of sugar and milk chocolate. There is not a single nutritional thing in it, but it only contains 185 calories.
Two part foam by Cottontails
The centre of a Crunchie looks like a chunk of two part foam or several failed chemistry experiments from my youth though neither are as tasty as the Crunchie, which is made of cinder toffee which is easy to make without the aid of a chemistry set, apparently you can even do it in a kitchen, see Here, without a white coat and safety glasses but personally, I do not think it would be the same if you did not wear them.
It is an example of how modern marketing works, first take something that has been around for centuries, give it a name, stick it in a shiny wrapper and people will almost forget the origins. Lord Leverhulme would have been proud. It is perhaps the best example of adding value by adding nothing. Having said that I'm off to buy one, but surely someone can produce an Unbranded version.
Cinder toffee by Londonsista

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