Monday, 7 May 2012

Tony Mulhearne

The elections for Liverpool mayor have come and gone and TUSCs candidate Tony Mulhearne lost his deposit. The only person really surprised by this was Tony Mulhearne. He and his comrades had swaggered all through the election on how Liverpool would show there was an alternative. On the Echo's Liver Blog they were full of themselves. How true Scousers wouldn't be told what to do and how would all rebel. In the end, they did Rebel against the meat head views of Tony Mulhearne & Co. Scousers will not be told what to do by anyone including Mulhearne. Surely this must be the time they wake up and realise that as Militant they did steal power in Liverpool, they didn't represent labour voters and as soon as the people got the chance to tell the to get stuffed for pulling the wool over our eyes they did.
Can we wave them goodbye from Liverpool politics? I doubt it they never were interested in democracy or Liverpool they were only ever interested in using it as a pawn in a wider game. Alan Bleasdale was right in G.B.H Liverpool has been a pawn in the games of both sides perhaps we can now get on with rebelling against not just TPTB but also the image that Scallies like Mulhearne would like to portray.
True independence can never be had when you always do what someone says and it can never be had when you always do the opposite of what someone says.

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