Tuesday, 29 May 2012

London the real self pity city.

The National media and our regional media are happy to portray "Liverpool as self pity city", those of us forced to listen to the endless  line of whining from the Capital are getting well and truly sick of it. The latest whinge seems to be that the Olympics is going to cause some traffic problems. That somehow between £15 and £20 billion pounds of investment and infrastructure and the PR junket in history and they are unhappy about 2-4 weeks of problematic traffic.
It's just a pity they don't have the vast interconnecting underground rail system that every other city in the UK has or share in the vast Cross Rail, Thames Link and HS2 bonanzas that every other UK city is having.
What about the massive BBC PR orgy going on at the moment in which every single City other than London get a multi-strand economic and cultural history broadcast to the world.
London get's the health treatment of a Premiership Footballer, every groan, every twinge is probed and prodded by Dr Sir this and Dr Lady that. The corporate body is given the finest all over naked massage by the most beautiful and oiled masseurs of whichever sex is to the player preference. Even when the greatest skill they possess is akin to diving in the box.
London sits like a fat spoiled child at the centre of national life, self indulgently gorging on an array of the finest chocolates, that a doting granny has told it to share with the family. While only throwing the difficult to chew hard toffee casually over its shoulder to its pet dog Manchester.
Though it has been doing this for so long now it's teeth are rotten and its breath stinks of decay, it has Type II diabetes, liver failure and advanced coronary art disease. I think we can can expect another raid from the Cockney organ thieves, soon.

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