Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A dose of the trots.

Well so much for an open an honest debate about who is going to be Liverpool's first elected lord mayor but a bunch of children have decided to have the debates scrapped, and they are happy about it. Disrupting the political process for your own ends is a very Fascists way to do it. Though it is only one set of fascists they object to  and that is the Fascists of the right. Tony Mulhearn is OK by them despite the fact he is every bit as undemocratic as he demonstrated in his days as militant by subverting the Labour party to his own ends.

So who are these people? Well meet university students Andrew Sharwood and Ruth Brewer
It looks like they have pretty much fallen for the Trotskite/Lennists Vanguard group idea. Where we, the working class cannot be trusted to work stuff out for ourselves but have to be led, having our hands held by these "intellectuals". We can't be trusted to ignore the Fascists Right we need to be looked after by these beneficent masters.
The arrogance of this position is unbelievable and it has failed every time it has tried. The same person who brought you 1984 also wrote animal farm, and while I'm sure these two are well versed in a Police state etc. It's amazing how easily they have become the pigs of Animal Farm.
If you see them in the street cross to the other side.
They don't want a debate because we can't be trusted to agree with them. They are not Marxists as they seem to have forgotten all the bits about when the revolution will come and who will lead it, they are Marx's worst nightmare.

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