Sunday, 4 March 2012

Limited imagination.

The muting of the idea that Private companies could take on some of the work of the Police has sent the Police excuse Blogging machine into overdrive.
There are several interesting aspects to this.
1. The police, or at least the bloggers, see everyone who have a problem with them as being hard core left wing, who are fighting a class war.
2. The police don't seem to think that anyone could actually be critical of them and not have imagined anything worse, where as to be honest everyone know the police could be a lot lot worse.
What most of the critics of the police want is a better Police force than we currently have, one that is properly held accountable for it's actions and where the same law applies to us all, no more special treatment, no more turning blind eyes, to the miss behaviour of other officers. Proper supervision by an independent 3rd part rather than cosy in house investigations by PSD.
This reaction shows how self absorbed the police are or how political the entire it is.

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