Tuesday, 13 March 2012

All hands to the Trough

Bill in Macho pos
It appears that Councillor Bill Overweightnan hasn't had enough at the trough as head of Merseyside Police authority he is intending to stand for election of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Bill has a somewhat dodge record when it comes to his tenure at MPA first there is the dishonesty in statements to the court. Which could either be the result of stupidity or perjury. Then there is the failure to release documents under the FOI act, which would have shown those statements to be inaccurate and the ICO judgement in that case.
I can only assume that he fancies the extra cash this position will give him, though it will afford him the opportunity to cover up his previous actions. Who knows some new candidate may be tempted to go looking through some of the dodgy behaviour under his management.
We should also remember his decision to sell the main Bridewell, after it had stood empty and unused for many years while the price of properties in the area boomed and to sell it at the first crash?
Hi main competitor for the post seems to be ex MP Jane Kennedy. This should be a rather interesting battle, especially at the candidate selection stage for Labour as the choice will be made by all of Merseyside rather than one of the entrenched groups. He has already started buttering up Joe and Liverpool Labour as part of Joe Facebook campaign to be Mayor.
My money is on Kennedy but it's going to be tough to with Liverpool and Knowsley voting on masse.

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