Monday, 16 January 2012

The man who would be Mayor

What a surprise Liam Fogarty will stand for Mayor of Liverpool, if such a post is created. This is after years of campaigning for such a position to be created. I remember exchanging emails with Liam in which he got most offended by my suggestion that he would be standing for Mayor.

So what would this Oxford educated man bring to the city?
Is he high profile. No.
Is he steeped in politics. Yes.
Is he a breath of fresh air. No.

I tried to speak to him at a Capital of Culture meeting about 2004 not interested in talk to the plebs.
Since then I've received one rather snide response to an email.
He set up a group on facebook called "A mayor for Liverpool" in which he doesn't interact with the members.
My conclusion is that he is another arrogant fool, who will play politics with the city.
My experience of people says that people bubbling with ideas can't help but talk about them, Liam is no such man.
The only thing I can say in Arty Fog's favour is that he isn't Phil Redmond.

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