Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dr Helen Oakey

Dear Dr Helen Oakey,

I would like to apologise.

Yours sincerely Tooth Grinder of Cambridge.

Update 8th December.

I suddenly noticed this message was post was getting a lot of hits, so I did a quick search myself, to find out why. it was saddening to find out.

I only meet Dr Oakey briefly when she undertaking her GP training at the Red House surgery in Cambridge. I was in the waiting room when she walked past the door and I immediately thought wow, and wondered why I never met people that good looking. When I was called to see the Dr I was amazed to find it was her, the next 45 minutes of a 10 minute appointment were spent with me confused. I met her on a couple of other occasions and she was every bit as wonderful as she had appear, I remain awe struck to this day.
It was only several years later that in a kind of madeleine moment, I realised that she may have been flirting with me, the original post was my way of dealing with the sudden waves of regret and and guilt how rude and arrogant I must have seemed for not noticing.
It could be that with the passage of time I am reading more into this than actually was the case, I don't want to upset anyone finding this oblique post, while looking for information on Dr Oakey.

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