Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Unholy Alliance

As I have noted earlier the hard left is on the rise matched on the otherwise by the English Defence League and the BNP. The Militant Tendency with it avoid Trotskyite agenda, and agenda which would have horrified Trotsky. This will be familiar to anyone who has engaged in students politics since the 1950s or lived through the 1980s, especially those who lived in Liverpool through the rule of Derek Hatton and co.
Militant if pressed blame there reputation on the right wing press, but they have change there name in a effort to run away from peoples memory.
The one thing that has changed is the rise of movements like the "Freeman of the Land" groupings. They form a block along with the Libertarians and conspiracy theorists, together the represent a collection of people who are more politically naive and ill educated than even the BNP.
They are less rational then either the hard left or right, the are often functional illiterate, they can form sentences but have no idea of the meaning of those sentences. They along with the Euro-sceptics are not a political movement but a religion. Complexity is their major enemy they simply do not realise the complexity of the world or accept that things happen by accident. Some that I have spoke to doubt the existence of a subconscious, with an ability to subtle alter the way people react in the form of body language.
There points of view are similar to the pre-enlightenment views but with a new set of superstitions imposed. They seem destined to occupy the position held by the religious right in the US.

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