Friday, 2 December 2011

Militant's ugly head

I suppose I should have looked at this before but the Militant Tendency has transformed itself to the Socialist Party, which explains why they and there follow travellers the SWP can be seen trying to attach themselves to any political entity in there usual attempt to make themselves seem bigger than they are.
Apparently the members are quote proud of their work as Militant, you'd have to ask why they changed their name. Could it be that the population caught on to what they where up to under their last name.
Lets face they where a dishonest bunch of shits last time, they intended to get power buy hiding within another organisation, get themselves in to positions of power and only really reveal themselves when they got into power.
They knew the the people would reject them if they where honest and up front, so they lied to them, because the patronising gits thought they knew better. Now they hope to fool populous by changing names. The plan still seems to be the same, use the workers as cannon fodder to achieve their aims.
The aim is still to subvert democracy, they still haven't learnt lessons of history, they still haven't grown up.
If you go on a march and you see an SWP or SW flag tell them to out the flags away or fuck off. If your in an organisation who's rallies they attend, remember they aren't there to for your benefit there there to be see with all your supporters and claim them as their.
One demo, one cause.

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