Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The long road to the future.

It's often said "we get the government we deserve", which may bee a statement with far more truth in it than first appears. The reality is the governments and society are emergent systems they are not the product of  someone's decision or hard and fast rules, they emerge from the interactions of people. Whilst occasionally there may be sharp transitions in the names, faces and rhetoric. When all said and done it is not unusual to find the the new boss is very much like the old boss.
In the past various organisation and groups have sought to impose new ways of doing things on society with it's been communism, fascism or whatever the French revolution was about. The reality is usually very similar to the system that it replaced though with some jarring and violent attempts to force some new way of thinking on society. These attempts have universally failed.
About us now we can see various groups trying to do similar things from the Occupy movement through to the Freemen of the land, up to the libertarians. The common idea throughout is that if we change these system we will somehow be nicer people but then problem is the system doesn't actually exist accept as groups of people, there is no corporate machine running governments their are only people.
It has been observed since at least the 4 century BCE by people such as Zhuangzi that people will organise themselves and quiet often different groups will organise themselves in the same way without any knowledge of the other, when in similar situations. It is no accident that no matter what names they are given tribes, kingdoms and priesthoods existed throughout the world long before people could communicate with across the globe.
If we want a better world we have to construct better people and from them will emerge the better system. The attempts to foist better system on the world will not work. The ideas of Leninist and Trotskyite to have a vanguard group is a vain flawed idea, which is diametrically opposed to the view of Marx that the revolution will happen with sufficiently well educated people. You cannot force the issue and groups like the SWP and Militant(Socialist Party) and the corresponding parties of the right such as the BNP as well as all the prescriptive organisations will cause nothing but trouble in trying to force the issue.
We cannot make a better future for our child or grandchildren or even great grandchildren but we can continue on the road for future generations by sticking to two key activities. Democracy and education with those a better future may build itself, without them it defiantly will not.

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