Thursday, 1 December 2011

Economic end of the world number 3 or 4 + war

This is I think the 3rd major economic collapse I've lived through or perhaps it's the fourth, I've lost count. Unfortunate even if we ignore this, I seem to have missed out on several booms. In part just through incompetence and in part through because where I was living missed out on them.
This one started I believe in 2008 so we must be at least 3 years into it and are apparently expecting another 3 years. However there is more building going on in Liverpool than happened in the entire period from about 1980 to 2000. It is not quite at the heady levels of the mid 2000 but it is still going on. Sure shops and clubs are closing but others are actually opening, and it's not just discount shops apparently. The is increased turnover in restaurants that's true but the ones that fail are usually reopened a month later with a different specialty. I don't know why Mexigo failed by its replacement serving Arabic cuisine seem to be doing better.
I am to say the least confused. I can't say it hasn't personally affected me because it has, but perhaps it's a sign of my age that dropping a couple of years of development just puts me nearer my peak in the past. I find myself thinking Liverpool's in a better place when this recession actually ends but then the little voice say's "if it ends".
It is a lot selfish of me but the last thing we need is a war, not because of the lives lost but because of the economic disaster that would bring. The problem is that while I'm not that good enough an economist to know whether the Tories are doing as well as can be expected on the economic front. I know it looks like they're doing really well on the start a war with Iran front, which will truly screw the economy. Can we stop the Tories going to war by pointing out how economically disastrous it will be? It got more chance of working the appealing to their human side.

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