Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Back from Hell

After court actions which must have cost the Law Society, and hence solicitors, a significant sum. The first of several replacement site for Solicitors from Hell has come on line. This time based beyond the grasp of the high court in sunny California and protected by some properly written disclaimers. It begs the question was the Law Societies money well spent.
In the process of taking action they gave Solicitors from Hell significant publicity and while a lot of Solicitors may have breathed easy with the judgement, the site will have garnered quite a bit of sympathy for the brand.
What does it say of the Law Society that it engaged in a costly fight, the result of which was and always was going to be a pyrrhic victory. Often you here claims that they advised there client not to take action as it was pointless but the client didn't listen. What was the advice here? In public every one from Solicitors to Journalists was advising it was a bad idea. They didn't listen.

New SfH here.

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